Michael Tetzlaff

Let me introduce myself. I’m an old(er) IT guy who thinks he’s a writer. What do you want to do when you grow up they asked. “Write a book,” I said. They’d sniggered and told me that’s what everyone wanted to do. Well I did it – ok, it took another forty six years before I started writing. But I got there 🙂

Fractured Blood
Fractured Blood – Kindle Edition

A “Pandora’s box” kind of thriller set in the near future. What happens if you open the box to reveal a new threat – we’ve already had one that, once out, has never been removed from our world. Of course, I’m talking about nuclear weapons. But what if the threat was appealing? Something that could be a means for achieving great good, or evil. That’s what “Fractured Blood” is about….but with an added twist.